Salute To The Martyr Of Truth Arshad Sharif Shaheed!

From 200 metres away a sharp bullet hit your head, took your life and left you a martyr and filled the nation’s eyes with tears.

The embodiment of courage in the face of oppression you were. You fight the greatest fight____you spoke up the truth before tyrants. They cut your hands, they made your tongue dumb but you didn’t stop. You didn’t capitulate before an unjust vow. You didn’t bow down.

Bathed in your pure blood, greedy and corrupt mafia thinks it can do anything, but not. This mafia is no longer hidden. You valiantly tore their sordid veil apart and revealed their filthy reality before nation.

You, the true son of the soil, sacrificed life for truth when others were selling themselves at good price. You didn’t sell your pen___you honoured it with your pious blood.

You were true to your soil, you didn’t get weak when the tyrants threatened you with their malicious attacks. You tenaciously stood on the ground of truth and not for a moment you bowed down your glorious head.

These greedy, hungry cowards couldn’t stand your bravery and what happened to you in the darkness of Kenya’s night shattered our heart. In cold blood your precious life was taken, but you turned out as victorious as always. Being a martyr you become alive forever!

Our tears can’t do justice to your pious blood. No justice can our mourning do to your courage. Never can we pay back to your valour. But we do vow that never will we make your proud soul small. You are our pride. You are our honour.

Allah says in the Qur’an that “don’t call martyrs dead, they are alive and blessed, but you know not.

Shaheed Arshad Sharif you are alive. Your pious blood will never go in vain, Inshaallaha!

May Allah shower His countless blessings upon your pious soul, Ameen!

Martyr of truth shaheed Arshad Sharif

14 thoughts on “Salute To The Martyr Of Truth Arshad Sharif Shaheed!

  1. It was so unfortunate! At the young age of 49. I had read news about the incident in Kenya. My prayers and thoughts are with his family. May his soul rest in peace 🙏🙏

  2. I read about this and indeed, it was such a sad day.

    “You didn’t sell your pen___you honoured it with your pious blood.” Beautiful words.

    Ameen, inna lillahi wa inna iliahi rajioon.

  3. Dear Saba, you wrote it so beautifully — though I read it with tears in my eyes, his death left us with so much pain that I still feel it difficult to read about him. Arshad Sharif was, no doubt, a true man of stature, left us sad, mourning, our souls are wounded. He was a courageous person, honoured and will always be remembered.

    1. Thank you Saima for sparing your time.
      We as a nation shall remain indebted to his courage and veracity. He embraced Martyrdom but didn’t sell his pen, his pride, his honour.
      He is our pride.

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