Stories of my pen for yesterday, today and tomorrow!

When the rays of hope were penetrating into the hearts,
And fog of slavery was shattering in the sky,
It was the time when I saw revolution hovering over the horizon.
Astounding it was.”

“Dancing hope in the air,
Bedecked countenance with the glory of freedom,

Hoisting everywhere,
Flags of enthusiasm weaved with silver threads,
Songs of joy and bliss kneaded with the mirth of children,
Are the stories my pen is writing today,
Unprecedented, indeed, it is!”

“To craft memories of struggle to be remembered later,
Save gems of sacrifice to be honoured always,
Compose anthems of zeal and enthusiasm to be cherished forever,

my pen is on duty for,
Phenomenal it is!

11 thoughts on “Stories of my pen for yesterday, today and tomorrow!

  1. The truth of the life is found in the sacrifices we make
    Sacrifice is the candle of the revolution
    The shackles of slaveries will be broken
    New hearts will be forged with unshakable will and hope
    The mountains will stand fearsome before the resolve of the honored ones
    And they will struggle with the life in the path of truth and freedom

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