No prose can better you, O! Poem of heavens

Delicate and fragile

Soft and elegant you are

The sun shines on your heart

And the moon radiates on your countenance

The bevy of stars yearns to rendezvous with

And pleasant breeze of the east flutters around you

The centre of every attraction you are my dear

But you paid a great price for everything

Hues and cries of uncertainties caught your being and alone in a far away desert you were left

Your heart was stabbed with daggers of deceit and you kept bleeding within

Your qualms and queries got entangled

Painstakingly you kept solving them alone

The absolute oxymoron became the excruciating wound of your life

You pained but remained patient

Feeble you were but braved every violent gust so valiantly

Your feet bled when you walked on thrones carpeted by life

You didn’t sigh!

You didn’t utter “alas!”

Your woes and agony never were heard

Braved all alone every sorrow every tear, you lived every day

Bathed in patience your heart became radiant like a full bright moon

And your eyes shone with grace of the tears you never shed

You were adored by delicacies of suffering

Every trial and ordeal bowed before you

Who you are my dear..

Who you are!

The most beautiful creation of God

A beautiful poem of the Heavens you are

No prose can better you, O poem of Heavens

No prose can better you, O poem of Heavens

* A fragile attempt dedicated to my dear mother. May Allah bless her with the best of bests and give her a long life with good health and bliss, Ameen❤

32 thoughts on “No prose can better you, O! Poem of heavens

  1. I could feel the love and emotion here. So heart touching! Your metaphors like ‘delicacies of suffering’ are superb. May God bless your mother with all the bests in the life! Amen!!

    1. Ameen!
      Thank you so much KK for your blessings and sparing your precious time. 💖
      Speaking our heart out isn’t simple all the time it takes courage 😊
      Stay blessed and happy!

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