Vultures Are Dancing Naked (allegory)

Venturing out into the field  Some vultures are   dancing naked  with gory beaks  and filthy claws  they look ignominious  care they not of anything  just dancing naked. A promise of fresh meat  and a brimfull goblet of Warm blood  is enough for keep dancing  naked  But whose flesh will it be  and whose blood will […]

The chosen one¹ ﷺ

The sacred night of al Isra wal-Mi’raj² is showering light of blessings The sacred night when Lord invited His belovedﷺto meet HimThe chosen oneﷺwas brought to  The pious land of Al Aqsa A gathering of Holy prophets was awaiting himFrom Adam to Moses and to Jesus Not a single one was missing They all welcomed the chosen oneﷺ He led […]

Haiku___The Art Of Brevity

A few days back I tried my hands at haiku. At first it seemed rather difficult, it turned out interesting and meaningful activity though. Not just I enjoyed it I learned too___the art of brevity. It is so fascinating the way the haikai encapsulate wondering thoughts into 17 syllables of haiku. An art par excellence […]

How Long Shall I Long For You O My Beloved!

Tired of dreaming of youMy eyes were about to shutYet you appeared from afarBright and beautiful as everNor could I get you, neither my fingers could caress your beingBut for my eyes your appearance was a feastIn a bevy of twinkling starsYour serene brightness was warming the surroundingI beheld you with my heart and eyeslooked […]

Who We Are

Of dust and waterThis creation isWho we areNothing but dustWet with waterIt takes shape..In a fire of loveIt is bakedSome become gloriousPellucid a few may lookAnd someTurn to ashScattered in the airAimlesslyWho we areThe gloriousOr the pellucid oneOr just ash in the airWho we are!! The conundrum ofBeginning and endIs creating chaos within the soulOne […]

Stories of my pen for yesterday, today and tomorrow!

When the rays of hope were penetrating into the hearts,And fog of slavery was shattering in the sky,It was the time when I saw revolution hovering over the horizon.Astounding it was.” “Dancing hope in the air,Bedecked countenance with the glory of freedom, Hoisting everywhere,Flags of enthusiasm weaved with silver threads,Songs of joy and bliss kneaded […]

Salute To The Martyr Of Truth Arshad Sharif Shaheed!

From 200 metres away a sharp bullet hit your head, took your life and left you a martyr and filled the nation’s eyes with tears. The embodiment of courage in the face of oppression you were. You fight the greatest fight____you spoke up the truth before tyrants. They cut your hands, they made your tongue […]

No prose can better you, O! Poem of heavens

Delicate and fragile Soft and elegant you are The sun shines on your heart And the moon radiates on your countenance The bevy of stars yearns to rendezvous with And pleasant breeze of the east flutters around you The centre of every attraction you are my dear But you paid a great price for everything […]