Am, Saba Niaz Siddiqui, an ordinary girl with extraordinary goals, who lives in the heaven of the mightiest Pakistan.

I write what I feel. It can be relatable or can not be.

We see the world with our eyes which have our own perception. When view doesn’t please our perception we start taking it as wrong or consider it as misfit for our calculated vision.

We need to broaden our perception. We need to learn more to understand the misunderstood. We need to share what we have understood so far.

Let’s walk on a track of learning; search, analyse, understand and share what we know and what we don’t know. Because walking alone we can lost our way, so let’s hold hands of each other tightly and start the journey of learning.

May Allah bless all of us!

11 thoughts on “About

      1. Thanks for your response. I have a blog promodpuri.com. Pl. check it out. If you like it then we can follow each other’s blog and share our thoughts. Regards and best wishes.

  1. Love your words that are spoken in truth.

    As soon as some see or hear something that goes beyond there sense of understanding or belief they are ready to attack or criticize instead of just accepting that we all are different and on our own path and there is so much more out there within the universe than what they may be able to grasp.

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