A Painting In Progress

On a twisted canvas of life a painting is in  progress

Basic sketch is done with beautiful undertone

A portrait of someone who is looking into the mirror of life;

It is you, it is me, it is everyone of us; looking into the mirror for a self portrait

There are several colours on a palette of destiny or what you call a fate or lot,

There are various brushes stuck in the hole of a palette; you are to choose the right one

Colours are to be selected…

On the right side there are colours of love, compassion, modesty and grace set along with the colours of sleaze, lust, hatred and ingratitude at the left

You are to choose your colours wisely

You are to select your brush carefully

Any stroke containing left side colour would add a silhouette of unwanted result

Be careful!

Lines will be curved,

Shades will be darker at one side and lighter at other

Your solitude and company will determine the beauty of lighter and darker shades,

These shades can become pleasant or they can be piercing to eyes: depends upon your solitude and company

Selection of colours can be challenging or it can become too easy___the stronger you are the easier it can be for you

Every stroke of a brush is important

Every shade you make is important

Be careful!

For any mistake in painting a coarse sandpaper is given right under the table

Just rub the mistake, wipe up the remains in case you have put a wrong stroke

But after that more compassion and love will be needed to complete the painting

A painting is in progress; the most difficult yet the most beautiful painting

Just depends on how the artist is working…

It’s not easy ____self portrait is not easy!

22 thoughts on “A Painting In Progress

  1. What a beautiful way to depict the philosophy of life, our own destiny. A beautifully crafted piece, Saba! I truly enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl for being here.
      The beauty of the painting of our self portrait count on our earnest efforts. If only we understood!
      Stay blessed and happy dear Cheryl 💖🌹🌟

  2. Wonderful write, Saba. Love this line most, “It is you, it is me, it is everyone of us; looking into the mirror for a self portrait” So true, it is we. 💖

    1. Thank you so much, Flesch for being here and letting yourself enjoy the stroke of brush.
      Keep beautifying the painting of your self portrait though it’s already beautiful 🌟🌹😊

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