My Soul In A Quest For Peace

Every creation Is in a quest for something In a dark bleak night Amidst of thick fog, moonlight Is making its way to peepInto the ajar doors Of devastated souls In a quest for mystery The moonlight is  Hidden behind some Dense sheets of grey clouds The sun is trying To cage its shine But inquisitive rays Do find their way From ajar sheetsTo shower their warmth on […]

The Hundred Word Eulogy

The Hundred-word Eulogy, known in Chinese as 百字讃 or baizizan, is a 100-character poem in praise of Islam and the Prophet Muhammadﷺ.Written by the Hongwu Emperor in the mid-1300s the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty in China who ruled from 1368 to 1398. His Hundred-word Eulogy, in praise of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, […]

Whispers Of A Desert

Can you listen to the whispers of a desert; dry, barren, derelict___the desert of yourself___forsaken, neglected! It’s sobbing, but these unseen tears are not enough to moisten its soil. Where is your bucket of water? The desert of yourself is crying for water, where is your bucket? Little swallows have come to quench its thirst. […]