The chosen one¹ ﷺ

The sacred night of al Isra wal-Mi’raj² is showering light of blessings The sacred night when Lord invited His belovedﷺto meet HimThe chosen oneﷺwas brought to  The pious land of Al Aqsa A gathering of Holy prophets was awaiting himFrom Adam to Moses and to Jesus Not a single one was missing They all welcomed the chosen oneﷺ He led […]

The prostration of love

In a placid river of silence Was throwing the pebbles of contemplation The tacit splashes adding mystery in surroundings Peeping through the foliage Moonlight was laughing at me Slowly, the moon shower met its end And najm-us-sah’r* appeared with full of grace Twinkling so bright It was happy It was contented Didn’t it know its […]