In Love With Life 🌱

A tiny seed buried in the soilOblivious to its destiny It just rested in a moist darkness Cosseted by soft soil And caressed by dewIt got some courage And pined for a light still Afar from its soggy coat Love continued to pour in And kissed away its all frailty And tiny life within a heart of seedStarted to emerge Bit by bit Feeble life […]

My Soul In A Quest For Peace

Every creation Is in a quest for something In a dark bleak night Amidst of thick fog, moonlight Is making its way to peepInto the ajar doors Of devastated souls In a quest for mystery The moonlight is  Hidden behind some Dense sheets of grey clouds The sun is trying To cage its shine But inquisitive rays Do find their way From ajar sheetsTo shower their warmth on […]

How Long Shall I Long For You O My Beloved!

Tired of dreaming of youMy eyes were about to shutYet you appeared from afarBright and beautiful as everNor could I get you, neither my fingers could caress your beingBut for my eyes your appearance was a feastIn a bevy of twinkling starsYour serene brightness was warming the surroundingI beheld you with my heart and eyeslooked […]

Stories of my pen for yesterday, today and tomorrow!

When the rays of hope were penetrating into the hearts,And fog of slavery was shattering in the sky,It was the time when I saw revolution hovering over the horizon.Astounding it was.” “Dancing hope in the air,Bedecked countenance with the glory of freedom, Hoisting everywhere,Flags of enthusiasm weaved with silver threads,Songs of joy and bliss kneaded […]

A Painting In Progress

On a twisted canvas of life a painting is in  progress Basic sketch is done with beautiful undertone A portrait of someone who is looking into the mirror of life; It is you, it is me, it is everyone of us; looking into the mirror for a self portrait There are several colours on a […]

My lost imagination…

Months had passed and my canvas remained blank, Paints died in the tubes, brushes  lost their smoothness, Buried shades on dormant palette stopped asking for water; And my blank canvas asked me; what had I done to find my lost imagination.. I’d looked everywhere, but couldn’t trace the fragrance of yours my dear imagination.. Might […]


(English version after Urdu) فلک پر دور تلک پھیلی تھی ردائے سحاب شوخیاں تھیں بادِ صبا کی عروج پر کرتی تھی سرگوشیاں کبھی طیور سے لہلہاتے کبھی برگ و گل ہمراہ اس کے چند لمحے بعد۔۔۔ آیا ہلال بامِ فلک پر تھکا تھکا سا نیند سے بوجھل لگا تھا سونے اوڑھ کر نور کی چادر […]