A letter to my beloved country 🇵🇰

My dearest country, may Allah shower His countless blessings upon you! Am writing this letter with a rather heavy heart. Tears are welling in my eyes and my words have stuck in my heart. This is your 75th birthday; a diamond jubilee we are celebrating, but before my eyes a film is being played: of […]

A Letter From Quaid

Dear nation and my enthusiastic youth, Peace and blessings be upon you! Received immense love from you as you are celebrating my day today. I got worried for you. Now  you would be wondering why I got worried. I saw the pain and scars amidst the mirth of the blessings you have sent me. My […]

خدا کرے کہ میری ارض پاک پر اترے

خدا کرے کہ میری ارض پاک پر اترے وہ فصلِ گل جسے اندیشہٴزوال نہ ہو یہاں جو پھول کِھلے، وہ کِھلا رہے صدیوں یہاں خزاں کو گزرنے کی بھی مجال نہ ہو یہاں جو سبزہ اُگے،وہ ہمیشہ سبز رہے اور ایسا سبز، کہ جس کی کوئی مثال نہ ہو گھنی گھٹائیں یہاں ایسی بارشیں برسائیں […]

Pakistan Zindabad🇵🇰🇵🇰

14 August is Pakistan’s independence day. 72 years back Pakistan arose as an independent nation at the map of the world. This sovereignty wasn’t given in a silver plate. Millions of lives were given in surmounting the peak of identity. Pakistan came into existence as a result of the nation’s struggle under the leadership of, […]