Eid ul Adha Mubarak

All praise to Almighty Allah with whose grace we are able to perform the Sunnah of Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him). May Almighty Allah accept our act of worship and forgive our sins. Ameen! Every year at the 10th of Zul-Hajjah Muslims across the world celebrate Eid ul Adha with religious zeal. It is a Sunnah (practice) of Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim […]

Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺPrayer of Light

O Allah! Place light in my heart Light in my tongue Light in my hearing And light in my sight And light above me And light below me Light to my right And light to my left Light before me And light behind me Light in my soul And magnify for me light And make […]

Muhammad The Praised One ﷺ”

Muhammad ﷺ is the most noble of the Arabs and non-Arab, Muhammad ﷺ is the best of those who walk. Muhammadﷺ is a spreader of good and its gatherer, Muhammadﷺ is a possessor of beneficence and generosity. Muhammadﷺ is an up holder and protector of covenants, Muhammadﷺ is of pleasant character and disposition. Muhammadﷺ is […]

Rasool e Khuda (Naat)

Poetry: Naat Poet: Fazil Kashmiri Translated by: Saba Niaz Siddique Helped by: Shahzad Khalid Naat: “poetry in a praise of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahou Alayhe Wasallam) peace be upon him” The Messenger of Allah is unprecedented  The most beautiful the most elegant, Allah Allah  Flowers have the scent of His fragrance which is pleasant then mushq’e […]

Keep Walking

Excerpt from the highly acclaimed, Reclaim your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed. Indeed! A worthwhile book! Every day I get closer to our meeting. I feel like I have been walking this path for a thousand years towards You… And yet I’m still not there. So close, and yet so far still But I keep walking, […]

Allahu Allahu 💕💕

The light of dawn is from the radiance of Your (PBUH) faceThe sparkle of the night is from the glimmer of your (PBUH) blessed Hair. Allahu Allahu Allahu AllahAllahu Allahu Allahu Allah.Our Master (PBUH) is a treasure of grace. He (PBUH) is a treaure of Mercy. He (PBUH) is the guide of the entire nation, […]

Khatm e Nabuwat

Khatme Nabuwat, Finality of the Prophet of Sayyidunah Hazrat Muhammad (Sallaho Alahi Wasallam) Risalah or belief in prophethood is one of the seven articles of faith. Prophethood is the channel of communication between God Almighty and humanity, this is the medium through which the human being is able to understand the reason for creation, and […]