Vultures Are Dancing Naked (allegory)

Venturing out into the field 

Some vultures are  

dancing naked 

with gory beaks 

and filthy claws 

they look ignominious 

care they not of anything 

just dancing naked.

A promise of fresh meat 

and a brimfull goblet of

Warm blood 

is enough for keep dancing 


But whose flesh will it be 

and whose blood will fill the 

goblet to the brim?

is what they know not.

these vultures are naked 

want blood and flesh 

to quench their greed 

for naught 

these naked cowards 

know naught but greed

But promisors are hidden 

somewhere afar 

Cos, swallows have appeared 

in the horizon 

they are tiny 

they look vulnerable 

but not coward they are 

little swallows are gathering 

in the horizon 

to fight against 

brutal vultures 

dancing naked

In the field 

Ersatz laughter of cowards 

is tarnishing the air

but swallows are gathering 

from everywhere 

have they not fight 

a feast for vultures 

they become 

goblet will overflow 

with their pure blood 

They are gathering 

to fight; 

fight against brutality 

cowards are dancing naked 

never can they defeat 

little swallows!

They just dance 



26 thoughts on “Vultures Are Dancing Naked (allegory)

      1. Not at all, Saba! I mean every word. It has to be extraordinary, if you had put your heart out. Always welcome!

      1. Of course, you have really put your heart out. This you do very often.
        اللہ کرے ہو زورِ قلم اور زیادہ
        Really look forward to reading more from your blog.

  1. Vultures here always dance naked. This, they have been doing for the past 75 years, feeding on the flesh and blood of 22 million swallows. How long will this continue?

    1. Vultures can’t get rid of their despicable practice; dancing naked and feasting on innocents.
      But, once swallows have gathered they can’t do anything.
      We must realise this now, we have buried enough sons in our soil who were just used. We cannot let it continue.
      May Allah have mercy upon our country, Ameen

  2. These days humans have become like naked vultures – how we see one UJ ridiculous exposures in the name of fashion and seeking sinful fame – all getting viral. Sad.

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