How Long Shall I Long For You O My Beloved!

Tired of dreaming of you
My eyes were about to shut
Yet you appeared from afar
Bright and beautiful as ever
Nor could I get you, neither my fingers could caress your being
But for my eyes your appearance was a feast
In a bevy of twinkling stars
Your serene brightness was warming the surrounding
I beheld you with my heart and eyes
looked far yet felt so close you were
I beheld you…
Mesmerising layers of soft wind were unfolding around me
but I was unaware of folds and layers
I just beheld you
My eyes yearned for you
My heart desired for you
But I just beheld you
And my seething soul quenched its thirst
And rejuvenated my veins,
As I beheld you
But then you beveiled yourself in a thick layer of mist
I filled my eyes enough with your light though
You were hidden behind mist
But I kept beholding you with my eyes which cannot see anything but you
And my heart longed for meeting you

How long shall I long for you O my beloved
How long!!


26 thoughts on “How Long Shall I Long For You O My Beloved!

  1. So beautiful! I’m sure your beloved is longing for you just as you are longing for him. It usually works both ways.

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