A letter to my beloved country πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

My dearest country, may Allah shower His countless blessings upon you!

Am writing this letter with a rather heavy heart. Tears are welling in my eyes and my words have stuck in my heart. This is your 75th birthday; a diamond jubilee we are celebrating, but before my eyes a film is being played: of your wounds and untiring struggle. How many plots have been planned to bury you in the faded pages of history are being unveiled before my eyes.

My dearest Pakistan, I am unable to hold back my tears when I see how you were stabbed in the back while fighting to protect your front. The great men of the soil sacrificed themselves for your safety, but at the back some demons were trying to cash their pious blood. My dearest Pakistan, my heart is bleeding that how much you endured.

My beloved, you have endured the excruciating pain of 71 when you were only 24 years old, your strong arm was cut apart. The agony of this tragedy still resonates in the chambers of our hearts.

My dearest country, how brutally you have been looted no one can fathom. My dearest, greedy demons have left you miserably wounded. They have eaten you up like a voracious vulture. Their stomach still wants more. But you are still fighting to secure you from their insatiable greed.

My great country, we are ashamed of not taking care of you as was your right. Rather we neglected our duties. We sewed our lips and blocked our ears. We blurred our eyes and unabashedly; but unknowingly, became the cause of your hurt.

My dearest country, we do confess that our negligence in your affairs was criminal and we didn’t do our duty rightfully. And we are ashamed of it.

My belovedest, remaining deaf and dumb for years now we have opened our eyes. My dearest,now we have fashioned our tongues that can question and speak up in your defence. My dear, wisdom is our virtue now and we will not let anybody mislead us anymore.

My beloved country, we are promising today that we shall heal all your wounds and wipe off all the tears that cause you pain. My dear country you won’t see us in negligence again. And Inshaallaha! You won’t see us becoming fools in the hands of looters. The bulwark we made before got weak due to our negligence, but we promise you today that we shall build a bulwark that never shall get weak. My dear country, we promise you to get you to the height of prosperity. You came into being for unity and peace, we promise you that Inshaallaha! We shall make you the centre of peace and unity and never shall we bury our voice in a heap of false power. We promise you that we shall never bow down before false honour and power. You are our identity. You are whole. Those who come to rule over your soil are nothing but mere fragments. And we, the people of You, shall never lose our identity for the fragments. We are from you and we shall never forget that. And my belovedest country, please forgive us!

May Allah bless my dear country with utmost peace and prosperity. And may Allah make it the centre of peace and unity for all, Ameen!

(Your country is your identity. Never lose your identity before a handful of politicians who come into power to use this sacred identity for their vested interests. We have suffered a lot in this political game and caused our country a great loss. May Allah forgive us and make us steadfast as we have finally embarked on a journey to clean our country, Ameen!)

29 thoughts on “A letter to my beloved country πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

  1. Your words and feelings for the beloved motherland are so touching. I liked your intense patriotic feelings. I wish all the best for you and your beloved country on this great occasion.

      1. This too shall pass. Everything will be set right. Thank you for your wishes that I heartily reciprocate!

  2. Well captured dear, I read and I shed tears cos it’s the same thing in my dear Nigeria, even worst πŸ˜”, but we have to keep the hope alive

    1. Dear Eno may Nigeria get the righteous leadership and become a land of peace and prosperity Ameen!
      It’s really sad that for the vested interests how these politicians can ruin their own country. Being the REAL people of the land we shouldn’t let them go unanswered. Once the real people of the land get United no one dare to mess up with the country.
      And yes, God is all seeing and powerful.
      Blessings to you!

      1. A resounding amen

        As I grow I realize it’s not just the politicians it’s all of us …. Like everyone is greedy and self centered, and religion can not change men 😒

    1. Thank you Ambrin for showing concern.
      Interior regions of Sindh and balochistan are the most effected. The poor are paying the price of lethal politicians whose mismanagement and corruption bring this calamity to them.
      Please keep praying for us.
      PS: we are safe and gathering help for flood effectees.

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