Imagination! Mightier Than Knowledge..

Imagination! the way of the heart,

Opens the eye of certainty and takes the being to the realm where the truth of certainty rules,

Imagination! Gives wings to feeble arms, takes the being to the skies where rule the birds,

Breaking all the barriers stymie the growth and let the being amble in the heaven is the power of imagination.

Opens the doors of an esoteric world and reveals the secrets hidden there is the mighty way of imagination.

Imagination! Makes the being most venerable among the throng of many others.

Let the being realise his TRUTH is the way of imagination.

The ultimate NOOR* is the reality of imagination.

Don’t rely on knowledge alone, it won’t take you anywhere.

Fettered feet and shackled hands is the trick of knowledge.

Creates the mirage of hurdles and stems the journey is the way of knowledge.

Revolution around the Lore of certainty is the limit of knowledge.

Bounds the mind and blurs the EYE is what this limit could do..

But imagination effaces all the limits drawn by knowledge and takes the being towards the ultimate reality…

Reality of the esoteric world,

Reality of the heart,

Reality of the truth that God’s throne is set on the heart of a being!

Indeed! Imagination is mightier than knowledge!

To the moon and back I love my imagination!

*the ultimate realization of God.

37 thoughts on “Imagination! Mightier Than Knowledge..

  1. …imagination effaces all the limits drawn by knowledge… so true, Saba! Imagination is the beginning of creativity. Well penned. 👌👌👌

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