Whispers Of A Desert

Can you listen to the whispers of a desert; dry, barren, derelict___the desert of yourself___forsaken, neglected!

It’s sobbing, but these unseen tears are not enough to moisten its soil. Where is your bucket of water? The desert of yourself is crying for water, where is your bucket?

Little swallows have come to quench its thirst. But the drops of water couldn’t reach the soil, the wind took them away. It was more thirsty, perhaps!. Where is your bucket?

Your thirsty desert is bleeding. The pain is increasing every moment. It’s whispering to the breeze, so might it disperse its words somewhere. Why are you not listening to it?

Why are you are not looking at the dying desert of yourself? Why are you running aimlessly? Stop for a while. Take a breath. And see___what you have done with yourself.

The desert of yourself is crying for its soul you have forgotten long back. Bring it back its soul___bright and pure ____as it was then.

Bring your desert its soul back. Walk towards yourself. Give it water of love___love which takes you to the heights ___ don’t hesitate to fill your bucket up.

Falling in love you lost yourself. Now rise in love and find yourself back__the dry, barren self of yours.

Fill your bucket up with love divine!Water yourself, the desert will soon become an oasis!

39 thoughts on “Whispers Of A Desert

  1. “A solution is found in the desert
    sweeter than any dessert if you stay the course
    and survive and conquer the Desert by piecing together Desert Puzzles.”
    _-Van Prince

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