Little Joys

The sweetest joy of my life 😻

Am honoured to be asked to share the little joy of my life by my most Beloved Uncle who has brought such big joys in my ordinary days. Never can I thank him enough for all the love and respect he showers on me. The most humble and graceful with a heart as deep as an ocean and as wide as a beautiful sky.

May Allah blessed him with divine wisdom and he keep spreading love and joy, Ameen

The list of little joys is rather long but am wondering from where to start…

Little joys they seem, but incredible they are

Little acts that bring joy sublime

The tremendous call of Azaan in a bleak winter nights

And children running to madrassa in days of scorching summer

Isn’t it joyous to see them cycling to the cricket ground

And adjusting the single seat for their tiny friends

The whispers of emerald butterfly with pale green leaves

And watchful eyes of the bumblebee awaiting her turn

Looking for clouds tied with rainbow

And a paper boat floating in a puddle left behind

Starry nights and luminous moon bring the joy so true and rare

Being in reverie and waving the stories from the threads of heart

What joy it brings words can’t discern

Being cradled in Ammi’s arms and the mumbling heart beat of hers oozing in my ears

Is the closest joy of my heart

Climbing my shoulder for a lofty ride is the right of my little Meow

The piercing joy it brings is special of mine

Telling long stories to my beloved Uncle

And his lovely involvement with every line

The mixture of serenity and pleasure is such a joy to find on his countenance

Sharing my apple and a sip of a big tea with him

Only joy then remain at the end of the bite and in a bottom of the cup

These joys are not little

They are special and big

To make us feel alive

To make us feel near

With the ONLY ONE who transforms our hearts to feel the big joys hidden in little things

All praise is to ALMIGHTY ALLAH who fills our hearts with love and makes us able to find the big joy lies in little things


99 thoughts on “Little Joys

    1. وَعَلَيْكُم السَّلَام وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ‎!
      Thank you so much Shahzad for reading. Would love to know what are the little joys of your life.

      1. I enjoy the gifts of nature…flowers, butterflies, birds, sunshine, stars, clouds, wildlife, the beach, the palm trees and giant oaks with Spanish moss hanging from the branches, rain, clouds, moonlight… I miss our cat. We didn’t get another one when she died because we have allergies. Take care! ❤ Cheryl

  1. Wonderful post… sweet little joys. It’s these little joys that make life worth living and person who is happy with the little joy he has Allah is happy with little that he does for Allah. How great indeed.

    So nice to read a post from you after a long time.

    I hope all are well at your place and your kitty too. It always reminds me of a cat that I once had.

    1. Jazakallah!
      So happy to see you here.
      These little things are the most precious ones. They have no comparison with anything else. The pleasure lies within them is priceless.
      Allah wants us to be grateful for HIS bounties HE blessed us with. We become grateful only when we realise and appreciate the little things.
      اللہ تعالی ہمیں ہمیشہ اپنا شکر گزار رکھے، آمین

      1. Me too. Happy to read your thoughtful posts.

        You’re absolutely right.
        Only when we realize and appreciate the little things we can be happy.
        As said by someone “he is the happiest who has fewest wants”.
        Log zyada ki talash mein in choti choti khushiyon ko bhool jaate hain.

    1. Jazakallah! Janab 💕
      آپ نے تو ہمارے دل کا حال جان لیا۔ اب ذرا ہمیں بھی تو آپ کا دل کا احوال معلوم ہو، پھر کیا کہیے گا 😍🤗
      Shall wait to read your hal e dil🤗💕🤗

      1. Hum to hamesha choti choti khushiyon mein khush rehna pasand karte hain. Yun to insaan ke dil mein na jaane kya kya khaahishen hoti hain lekin Khwaahishon ke peeche jaanege to kabhi khush nahin reh paaenge. Humara sochna to aisa ke Jo insaan ke paas hai agar wo us mein khush nahin reh sakta to wo aur bohot kuch milne par bhi khush nahin reh sakta.

        Haal e dil ki baat chali hai to ek sher ho jaae

        Bujh gaya dil hayaat baaqi hai
        Chup gaya chaand raat baaqi hai

        Haal e dil un se keh chuke sau baar ❤️❤️💓💓
        Ab bhi kehne ki baat baaqi hai. 🌸

      2. ماشااللہ! بہت خوب کہا آپ نے۔
        جب کوئی بے حد اپنائیت سے حالِ دل بیان کرے تو بار بار سنے کو دل چاہتا ہے۔
        خوش رہیئے 🤗😍💕

      1. Yes yes you are – I’m a german : Ashok said : 15 joys, I made a list, and you a poetry 🙂 and I love you for that too, my lovely twin

  2. Only my dearest princess can weave so much joy and love in her poetry. Knowing her has been one of the biggest joy of my life. I so look forward to listening to her recitations and watching the play of emotions on her face. My princess is beautiful inside out and is God’s gift to her beloved uncle. She is the apple of my eyes and joy of my heart 💖

  3. Masha Allah, Masha Allah, Don’t have words to explain my emotions after reading your poetry and beliefs. You are indeed a great believer and a beautiful poetess. Keep up the good word dear.

      1. Well, there are so many dear but most of the time we ignore it. eg, the nature beauty, a walk in the rain especially in a city like Hyderabad, meeting family and many more….. 💝💐💝💐

  4. Alhamdulilah this was such a beautiful read 📖, it really is enlightening. The little joys I have in life is to see my parents smile and to know I am making them proud. Many blessings 🤗

      1. I think we all need time in our lives to truly reflect on what we need to be thankful for and your post allowed me to remember what I am grateful for in my life. Thank you so much for your lovely post and In Sha Allah, we shall both follow our passions in life

  5. Ameen.
    We often forget the blessing of Azaan ❤❤❤.
    Subhan Allah, another gift by Allah.
    Exceptional writing Ma sha Allah Saba 😍.

  6. Thanks for asking saba. Its delayed because of certain reasons but its a humble request to please remember me in your special prayers may Allah make it Super easy for all of us. Ameen

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